Dumas Pews

Dumas Church Pews – Dumas Pews has made custom solid wood church pews, church furniture, and courthouse seating since 1928. Our Church pew and church furniture construction techniques combine modern technologies with long-term, skilled craftsmanship of our valued employees.

Our skilled craftsmen (over 400 years experience building church pews) use the latest technologies in wood cutting and design to meet your unique needs in designing solid wood church pews, pulpits, church chairs, choir chairs, rails and other church furniture.

Experienced Skilled Craftsmen
Latest Church Pew Manufacturing Technologies

We continue to refine our quality standards by investing in modern, state of the art, woodworking equipment. For example, this CNC Router made by C.R. Onsrud, cuts out and routes our church pew ends, along with other assorted church furniture components. This machine maintains accuracies within tenths of a thousandth of an inch, resulting in all church pew ends for a customer’s order identically matching each other in size and in depth of the design routes. This machine is programmed by computers which, in turn, will allow Dumas to duplicate virtually any custom design church pew end and route. Also our Double Surface Planer made by Northtech Machinery, is one of the strongest piece of machinery in the wood working industry. This machine is designed to plane both sides of large and small solid wood panels, in a single pass. This woodworking machine is designed to ensure all solid wood panels are exactly the same thickness upon completion.  Our large automated clamp carrier made by James L. Taylor Manufacturing is one of the most sophisticated machines in the church pew industry for gluing up large and small solid wood panels. The quality of the pew parts being removed from this machine on a daily basis is simply outstanding.  

Clamp Carrier

CNC Router

Double Surface Planer