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Choir Chair, Bentwood

Brief Description

Bentwood Choir Chair by Dumas Manufacturing - Stackable
Choir chairs can be finished to any color of stain.

31"H X 20"W X 22"D


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Pulpit Chairs and Choir Chairs

Pulpit Chairs And Choir Chairs for sale by Dumas Manufacturing are available in variety of styles, wood types, finishes and upholstery colors. Pulpit chairs are made from the very best oak or  sycamore woods and can be finished to any color of stain or painted white with natural wood trim. Pulpit chairs are sold individually or as a set with other Chancel Furniture.  Choir chairs can be finished to any color of stain and are sold individually.  See the styles and measurements above and please call us if you have any questions.

Pulpit chairs can be bought individually or in sets with other chancel furniture.  These pulpit chair and choir chairs, like all church furniture by Dumas Manufacturing, are made from the finest hardwoods and fabrics for years of service.  The pulpit chairs are so strong that they will often last for decades and are reupholstered several times over the life of the chair. 

Pulpit chairs’ longevity make them a very nice item to dedicate to the church in the name of an honored member.  An engraved plate attached to the chair can keep the cherished member in the hearts of the church for many years.

The Choir chairs can be made with prayer kneelers or song book rack attached to the chair.   For strength and durability, you can not go wrong with these Dumas  pulpit chairs and choir chairs.

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