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Church Pews, Church Furniture & Courthouse Seating

Church Pews, Church Furniture & Courthouse Seating
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Solid Wood Church Furniture Since 1928

We have been Manufacturing Solid Wood Church Pews and Furniture Since 1928

We proudly sell our products throughout the
United States, Virgin Islands and the Bahamas

Church Pews, Church Furniture and Courthouse Benches For 90 years Dumas Manufacturing Company has furnished thousands of churches, funeral homes and courthouses with new church pews and furniture using the finest solid hardwoods in the country. Pews built of solid hardwood are the most substantially constructed pews in the church furniture industry. They are among the most beautiful pews on the market. Our pulpit furniture is also very elegant with lasting value for many years to come. The friendly staff of Dumas Manufacturing is committed to excellence and promises to help ensure your complete satisfaction with your new pews and furniture. By using the menu section to the left of this page, please continue to browse through our web site for a look at our furniture line. Our prices are very competitive. We believe you will be very pleased.


Pews vs. Chairs Compare Pews & Church Chairs Here

At our factory in Grove Hill we do something that no other Pew Company Does.  We provide each and every customer with photographs of their order, upon request. If you purchase your church pews or church furniture from us, you may request photographs of your order once it enters production. We will take high quality digital photographs of your order and e-mail them to you, normally within a couple of hours. You will be able to visually track your order throughout our manufacturing process. Many customers have written letters thanking us for providing this unique service that no other church furniture manufacturer offers.

Our Church Furniture Line -  Includes church pews, pulpits, communion tables, pulpit chairs, courthouse benches, pew kneelers, sanctuary chairs, outdoor benches, choir chairs, children’s chairs, lecterns, collection tables, flower stands, tithe boxes, communion rails, prayer altars, frontal screens, hymn boards and other assorted church furniture items. 

Church Chairs for the Sanctuary – We offer wood and metal frame church chairs for the sanctuary. Our wood church chairs are made in the USA. The hardwood constructed chairs can be stained and upholstered to match the church’s décor and/or pews. Our metal frame chairs can also be upholstered to match the church’s décor and/or pews. We also offer an economical metal frame chair that is very nice looking, sturdy and comfortable. Click the link for photos to learn more about these chairs we have to offer.  Church Chairs

Children’s Rocking Chairs - We offer children’s rockers in a cherry, medium and natural color finish. They also include a cushioned seat and back. Call us about the great price. Children’s Rocking Chairs

Reupholster or Refinish Your Pews -  If you would like to save up to 50% by having your pews either reupholstered or refinished vs. buying new, we can help. We are able to restore the beauty of your pews. Give us a call for details and a free estimate.

Financing Available - for your church pews and church furniture - Whether your church is established or just starting up, we have two partners that specialize in helping churches obtain financing to purchase pews, pulpit furniture and most of their equipment. Take a quick look at their web sites by clicking the links below. You can estimate your monthly payment by using their online payment calculators. If you wish, you can easily apply online.

Easy Financing for the State of Texas 


Church Pews

003-(3)160Dumas Pews manufactures the finest church pews available anywhere in the country. We sell church pews and church furniture primarily to churches in the southeastern United States including Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Dumas is committed to producing high quality, solid wood & upholstered wood pews at competitive prices. Read more about  Church Pews.



pulpitsSolid wood pulpits and speaker stands from Dumas are available in a variety of styles. Pulpits are available in oak or sycamore in natural stained or painted, and are available individually or in furniture sets. Pulpit wood finishes include natural, mahogany, maple, fruitwood, walnut, pecan, cherry, light oak, bright white and cream white or any desired custom finish.  
Read more about Pulpits..


Pulpit Chairs

Pulpit ChairsPulpit Chairs by Dumas Manufacturing are available in variety of styles, wood types, finishes and upholstery colors. These church chairs are made from the very best oak or sycamore woods, and can be finished to any color of stain or painted white with natural wood trim. Dumas pulpit chairs are so strong that they will often last for decades and are reupholstered several times over the life of the chair. Please call us if you have any questions. Pulpit chairs are sold individually or as a set with other Chancel Furniture.  Read more about Pulpit Chairs..


Choir Chairs and Church Chairs

Choir Chairs And Church ChairsChoir Chairs and Church Chairs by Dumas Manufacturing are available in variety of styles, wood types, finishes and upholstery colors. These chairs are made from the very best oak or sycamore woods, and can be finished to any color of stain or painted white with natural wood trim, and are stackable. Dimensions are 32"H X 20"W X 18"D without kneeler, Dimensions are 32"H X 20"W X 22"D with kneeler. Metal frame chairs are available with a variety of fabric colors.  Read more about Church Chairs..


Communion Tables

Communion TablesDumas has solid wood communion tables, custom made in oak or sycamore in natural finish, stained or painted. Our communion tables have clean lines with traditional or modern trim to insure you get a communion table that fits your church’s decor and your budget.    Read more about Communion Tables..


Flower Stands, Church Tables, Wall Crosses & Other Church Furnishings

410-130Dumas manufactures wood church furnishings, custom made in oak or sycamore in natural finish or painted finish. These church furnishings include small church tables, flower stands, lecterns, offering plates, signs, wood crosses, prayer rails, attendance boards and other furnishings to complete your church sanctuary.


As is reflected in our 25 year warranty on our pews, Dumas Pews remains committed to ensuring that you and your congregation are always our top priority. Whether you are renovating a church (or courtroom) or building a new church facility, choose the name that has proven itself over the past 90 years, choose DUMAS PEWS.


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